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Our Product

Keep things simple

The board is where you track your team's work. Quickly see who's working on what project and where each project stands.

Always stay on point

Save yourself unnecessary meetings and long email threads. Our user-friendly environment got it all covered: comment tasks, get notified, tag team members and whole teams, drag & drop files and many new features are being added daily.

Coming soon: Eye on the ball

Our iOS or Android apps will allow you to keep track of work no matter where you are. We strive to make our mobile experience as rich as the Web version, so it's worth the wait.

Coming soon: The "Guest User"

It's not a secret that clients can be a pain in the...neck. Let them feel like a part of the process by giving them a "Guest User". That will keep them busy following the project themselves, instead of calling you twice an hour.

Anyone should be able to report a bug. We made an extra effort to simplify the Bug Reporting process as much as possible. With a single click of a button, anyone can report a bug in your app or site regardless of their technical skills. You can even put your clients in the loop.